A Sensitive Therapist for Highly Sensitive Women

Helping you move from BEING EXHAUSTED by complex emotions of anxiety, sadness, shame and anger to creating CONFIDENCE and VIBRANT RELATIONSHIPS where YOU MATTER, TOO!

Are you told by others that you are ‘too much’ or ‘too emotional‘?

Do you struggle with bouts of sadness or anxiety?

Do you feel like there’s something wrong with you?

Are your close relationships intense and draining?

Are you depleted, stuck, burned out or resentful?

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Therapy can help. I can help. Finding the right therapist that you connect with and feel confident can help you is the biggest predictor of success.

Benefits of Therapy

The ways we think, feel and behave are deeply rooted in childhood.  We tend to play out old patterns over and over unconsciously.  This greatly influences how we talk and feel about ourselves and how we relate to others.  At the beginning of therapy, I help create conscious awareness of the source of your problems so you can feel good about yourself and make better decisions in your life and relationships.  As you develop more self-love, confidence and are better able to manage your emotions, your mood will improve and you will be better able to create a life you love with strong and healthy relationships. I’d love to meet with you to see if we would work well together!

About Me

Your well-being is in caring hands.

As long as I can remember, my interest in understanding emotions and having close and thriving relationships was a driving force in my life. I knew I was more sensitive than the average person and viewed it as a flaw or something I needed to change.  It wasn’t until I worked with a therapist that my view of myself began to change and I embraced my deep feelings and intuition as a superpower.  After years of growth, self discovery and much healing,  I developed a passion for helping sensitive women work through the pain of their past, celebrate their empathic nature, and create a life that supports their temperament to find joy, peace and connection in a fulfilling way, just as I have in my own journey. 

While working for over 22 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  (LMFT #38399), with a wide variety of clients, my greatest strength emerged when helping sensitive women manage emotions, improve mood instability and strengthen close relationships.  I received my Bachelors from U.C. Davis in 1995 and my Masters from Fuller School of Psychology in 1998. 

I am also a Certified Life Coach, helping women create and achieve goals to move them towards living a life they love.  The work of healing the past is deeply tied to how you live in the present and the future.   When you are able to feel more love for yourself and become more confident,  you can create a future in alignment with who you are and what you want.

Specialized Training

How I work

My clients tell me they feel relief when we start working together.  They feel like I get them and can finally see a path for healing.   In the beginning of treatment, we will discuss all treatment options and I’ll offer recommendations, but ultimately the decisions are yours.   I collaborate with you on your therapy needs and customize my style based on what would be effective for you.  I recognize that my therapy style may not be the right fit for everyone, so I always explore this early in our sessions to make sure that you feel I am the right therapist for you. 

Most people start therapy during a crisis or when they feel depressed or anxious.  I will help you cope and work through the current stressors, but my priority is to help you uncover the WHY behind your problems and provide you with HOW to move forward.  If we just put a band aid on the wound when it needs to be reconstructed and don’t do the surgery required to heal long term, the therapy won’t provide lasting change.  I invite you to be your true self and you won’t receive any shame or judgment.  I try and be curious, advocate for you, and will build you up in your strengths.  I’ve found that sensitive people need a nurturing and compassionate approach because they’ve often gone through life not having people understand and support them in the way they need.  It is my privilege to walk alongside you as you heal and grow.


Answers to common questions about therapy.

1.  What are the benefits of therapy?

Women I work with tell me they notice a marked improvement in emotional health and well being. This translates into a higher self-confidence, productivity and better relationships. People begin to feel more comfortable with themselves and feel “unstuck” due to their increased self-awareness which results in positive changes in their lives.

2.  How can therapy help me change for the better?

People get stuck because they are often living out reactive patterns (rather than proactive ways) of thinking, feeling, doing, and relating.   My priority is to help you figure out WHY you do what you do and equip you with new ways of living. No significant, lasting change can be attained without intentional effort and practice. Changing lifelong patterns is hard work, but definitely doable – and you won’t be doing it alone!  Much like a personal trainer, I am committed to finding which emotional workout methods are well suited to your needs and goals, saving you precious time and energy to get healthier emotionally and experience results in the way you feel about yourself and how you relate to others.

3.  How many therapy sessions will I need?

It depends on how much stress or emotional reactivity you are experiencing during this time: the higher your level of stress and reactivity, the more you may benefit from coming in frequently (at least once a week). The more resourcessafe connections, and self-control you have, the more space you can have between sessions.  In the early stages, I meet with clients once a week for 45 minutes to build good momentum up front.  After we address immediate concerns, underlying relationship patterns, and unmet emotional needs, we will gradually space out sessions as you “replicate therapy outside of therapy” (or integrate new skills and resources into your day-to-day life), until you feel like you’re ready to move to an as-needed basis.  

While many people can make significant progress in a short amount of time, therapy is not a quick fix solution. We’ll set goals early in treatment and together, we’ll estimate a time-frame for treatment, depending on your needs.  

I’d love to meet with you to find out if I’m the right person to help.  Feel free to contact me with questions or book a free consultation!

Contact Me

I am located in Southern CA and provide online therapy for anyone in the state of California.

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