I recently wrote a book called Depression Solutions: Therapy, Natural Treatments, or Medication?

The clinical world is full of treatments for psychological disorders. And chances are, for every treatment you discover, your research will reveal hundreds of opinions proclaiming its miraculous effectiveness… and hundreds of opinions discrediting it. But here's the truth: None of these opinions can tell you whether or not that treatment will work for you.

I've become passionate about helping people discover who they are, assess and understand their symptoms, and become educated about all the treatment options — whether they be therapy, medications, or natural alternatives.

Perhaps you've been grappling with these questions…

Do I need therapy? Do I need psychotropic medication, or will herbal remedies work for me?

In my book, you'll discover:

  • Whether you're clinically depressed or sad due to circumstances
  • The different treatment options available
  • The science behind the causes of depression
  • How to help someone who needs treatment

My goal is to give readers the strength and confidence to trust their own inner wisdom, and make healthy choices that lead to stability, functionality, growth and happiness.

More info is available at either my Depression Solution book website or on Amazon.

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Maria Lloyd is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in the Silicon Valley area— San Jose / Santa Clara County, California. Maria provides individual counseling for women for: depression and stress management, post-partum depression, anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, interpersonal relationship issues, self and identity issues, co-dependency, anger management, and managing grief and loss.